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Four big reasons
01Professional R&D team
Shenzhen Testeck cable concentrates on special cables such as EMU, high-speed railway, metro, urban rail, locomotive, etc.

Up to now, the company's products have been loaded more than 1,000 lines, running more than 2.4 million kilometers.

Vehicle coverage: Fuxing EMU, Hulk、CRH380、CRH380B/L、CRH380C、CRH1、CRH2、CRH380A、LKJ system of new generation electric locomotive, etc.

02Have a strong productive force
Excellent equipment, advanced technology and perfect quality inspection system

At present, the company's annual production capacity is 1 million meters, the company has a complete production process, eight special track extrusion production lines
It is widely used in China's medium, South and North vehicles. Its products are also exported to Argentina, Georgia, South Africa, Singapore, Thailand and other places.

03Perfect product test equipment
Equipped with Professional Wire and Cable Full-time Inspection Engineers

Can have a perfect production process, and set up a mechanical, electrical, fire retardant and flame retardant laboratory products throughBS6853、DIN5510-2、EN45545-2Fire-proof test and product performance test of No. 50 and EN standard for total prohibited and restricted materials of iron.

04Self-produced and self-sold, quality assurance
It has complete specifications and can produce thousands of specifications and models. It can also be customized according to demand.

From R&D to finished products, each link is checked by the quality control department layer by layer.

We are willing to cooperate sincerely to escort the safe operation of railway vehicles.

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